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SOHO Production do have several facilities, combined in two historical houses in the center of Sofia city.


Outdoor green garden with barbecue, conference and coffee/breakfast facilities.

Four nonlinear editing suites including an Edius, Media Composer, Sony Vegas and additional outboard audio and video racks at SOHO offer into each other incredible flexibility to create unlimited "looks' in real-time.

Come and spend some time with our editors and see for yourself the unique things that we can do for you.

Post Studio 1 - Edius and Media composer editing and mastering facility, with Nitris DX hardware, digital VTRs and XDCAM drives installed in 19" rack. Voice recording booth.


Post Studio 2 - Edius editing with various hardware. Network or VTR ingest and recording.


Post studio 3 - Sony Vegas facility, variety of ingest VTRs and drives.

Post studio 4 - Media Composer editing with Mojo DX hardware for monitoring

Available XDCAM ,HDCAM, DVCAM, HDV, BETA SP, Digibeta, Mini DV, DVD.

Soho Production's digital audio facility include monitoring hall, 2 recording studios, Foley stage and equipment room. All sound reinforcement, air conditioning and the mobile work-lights creates comfort and friendly work-space.