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The studio offers wide range of post-production facilities and equipment rental.

 Four well furnished comfortable editing and mastering facilities are equipped as reliable creative workspace. All air-conditioned and well lighted.

 The editor and the director have choice of different editing software environments - EDIUS, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas, optional Final Cut, with a variety of high quality video/audio monitoring, drives, VTRs and storage.

Reference monitoring is important for the mastering. Good set of BVM monitors for HD production available.

Two of the editing facilities are equipped with sound booths for voice recording.

The customer can rely on high-speed internet connection, number of ISDN lines with codecs, wireless local coverage for personal communication.

A DVD authoring suite is available for fast rushes/rough assembly transfers for preview purposes. A FTP server is available for media transfer. Sony videoconference system is installed for coordination and international meetings via Internet and ISDN .

SOHO Production crew include well trained and experienced editors, using the international standards for cinema and TV production. Senior editors and post-production supervisors are with serious creative experience.

All the technical and engineering personnel have years experience and is capable to create and maintain reliable technological environment, according to the different projects, 24 hours, 7 days of week.